So Elian Gonzalez Ain’t From Mexico?

Santos is subjected to a think-accented woman who explains why Elian & other Cubans want out of Cuba. Unfortunately Jay didn't know Elian was from Cuba!(0:03:51)

Spank Bank Prevention

Jay Santos is asking men not to wear sunglasses at public pools and beaches because they might be looking lasciviously at underage girls in sexy bathing suits. from July 2005.(0:36:29)

Stop Pornography Week

Jay Santos and the C.A.P. will be videotaping people leaving video stores, and peeking in people's bags to see what sex videos they're renting. They're trying to keep the streets [...]

Telemarketing Technique

Telemarketer Jay Santos wants to save you hundreds of dollars a month on your long distance bill, just listen to his 30 second pitch! Don't hang up on him or he'll just call you [...]

Vagina Monolougues

Jay Santos is stading in front of the Vagina Monologues in LA asking women to put Burkah on so that they can "think about what they just did."(0:16:38)

Y2knightmare Preparedness Kit

In anticipation of the Y2k bug, Jay Santos is recommending you keep $200 in cash, 10 gallons of water, a generator, and night soil buckets. from KFI.(0:45:13)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hour 1: Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is on to talk about the pentagon shooter John Patrick Badell. Apparently he was a 911 truther. Jay believes [...]

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hour 1: Steve Bosell is on to talk about the healthcare bill. He said he was against the healthcare bill and his daughter overheard him. The teacher called him [...]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hour 1: Dr Ron Tarner comes on the program to talk about the parallels between Avatar and the Scott Brown election. He says that because a lot of people went to [...]

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