Tonight it was Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police telling Phil about “Operation Safe Streets” which is a campaign to go door to door and find out “how green people are.” In the course of talking to people at the door, if Jay or his men happen to step over the threshold to “take a peak around” people need to go with it otherwise “that’s a red flag.” Jay basically cited case law (or tried to) that he claims says if a cop is suddenly chased into your house by a bee and while he’s in your house he sees cocaine, he can bust you. Austin Amarca, a cabinet-maker from Lancaster, Ca. wants a law passed prohibiting people who make under $40, 000 a year and win a hundred million dollar jackpot from getting any publicity. Why? Because for a guy like Austin, who serves his daughter Eggo’s in the morning instead of real buttermilk pancakes because he doesn’t have time to make them, hearing about some guy with no teeth who works in a convenience store winning 258 million in Missouri Powerball is almost too much to bear.

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    I can’t see the video here at work (which is ok because, duh, I’m working as I’m listening). Are you eating Tim’s Cascade? *drooool* Pacific Northwest, represent 🙂

  • big-reg718

    So is Jason gone? Either way, this was one of the best shows in a while because Phil seemed to be having fun and feeling more relaxed. Just sayin’.

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    How do I join the Beaver Brigade?

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    Great show, was the first time in awhile you seemed to be enjoying yourself while on the air. And I dont mean enjoying yourself in that special way…

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    [email protected]

    First time I heard show in the late 90s. lived in vegas. my home from college son and I were out for a drive to see all the jiggle joints in town. This guy on the radio was complaining that the steering wheel in his car irritated his gut every time he made a turn. Turns out the guy was so fat that driver seat removed and he sat his fat ass on the back seat to drive the car. That was it. We were hooked.

    Jim "Jimmy the Peach" Peach

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    Phil, any thoughts on bringing back the censored version of the "Teds of beverly hills" jingle? It got funnier every time I heard it. Thanks for all of the laughs and your creative viewpoints.I’ve been a listener for many years and plan to be one for many more. sinc. Jason R Mauro.

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    "If you shoot someone in Tennessee – *you* gotta clean it up. …Mr. Hendrie, if this guy blows me away, he’s the guy who’s gonna have to take the mop to it!"

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    Phil, Friday hour #1 was funny, thanks for the hard work!

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