On tonight’s show Jack Armstrong opened with a vigorous defense of Comedy Central for censoring “South Park.” Well, actually all he said was that, as a liberal, he thought Jon Stewart was funnier and besides all “South Park” does are “booger” jokes. The next hour Rudy Canosa of J’em Lingerie offered that “big women” don’t look good in lingerie but that if a man gives them a “la-la-la” and the sound effect of a distant foghorn they’re fine. In the last hour Bob Green tells Phil of buying his girlfriend Vicki a “blood diamond.” Bob justifies it by saying “the guy that mined it is dead anyway or chopped up someplace so I bought it to give his life meaning.

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    The Jew’s Harp in Fistful of Dollars reminds me of Snoopy on the bus in A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

    The idea for the dance show had tears of laughter streaming down my face. My co-workers must think I’m insane but I don’t care 🙂

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    Your efforts to invoke the "characters" for a measured psychoanalysis of Hendrie is great, though I would add Margaret to the diagnosis. He seems to be suffering a severe, eternal Margaret-type PMS.

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    I think Phil may subscribe to the cliche, "the genius who is impossible to work with." This pretends a necessary connection between treating other people badly (and, yes, blowing up at your engineer, who was right, is wrong, and so is trying to blame it on him a day later because he misunderstood your original question) and the talent itself. There is a connection between between creating the characters and having the internal contradictions to do so. For example, his tantrum, as another commenter called it, brings together the certitude of Jay Santos, the arrogance of Ted Bell, the rage of Vernon Dozier and the employee relations skills of Bob Green. But it is not necessary to flesh out those eccentricities in everyday life. That said, Phil is a veteran radio man and knows he has already won this whole conflict because we’re commenting on it, even paying to do so. His goodbye in 2006 included a litany of overt and coded apologies to previous staff including, I suspect, producer Mike Schaffer and writers Melissa and Janice Ungaro. So he has a long history of being, shall we say, difficult (I’m trying to avoid the "A-word," though I don’t know why) with co-workers and probably others in his life. There is one dimension others haven’t commented on yet: the fact that these interactions with Jason, etc., are public via the webcasts. You could either give him credit for that and come to his defense (we all have our moments at work, after all, it’s just that most people don’t see those), or consider the fact that we are paying customers and regard some of this as reality radio. And again, Phil wins.

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    Lewis, It’s not an act, it’s just that everthing that he says is BS. When he fiirst got married, he spoke about what a "REAL" husband is! Couple of years later, he’s out. His venture into fatherhood was a complete train wreck,but he was sure to tell u what a "REAL" father is! Three years ago he was going off the air "forever" , that the industry "sucks" that he’s never coming back and that he’s starting a tv career. Phil can’t work with people.Thats way he didn’t make it in tv, also the reason why he speaks to Jason and Ralph the way he does. He’s not getting any better with age. Political views? I don’t have the time. Lets just say, he’s ALL over the place. I now understand why "Jack" is his favorite author. That being said, he still cracks me up every night. Phil is a unique comedian.

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    Phil, what was the second song you played?

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    Thanks Steven, i thought I was doing something wrong here.

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    I once again marvel at this Jason whipping theme. Is that a real run-down on some hireling turd or is that gaming the audience? Like every fat feller in a chair, be it trucker or DMV clerk, or even radio show talker, that yelling with a look of angry ain’t-got -enough-cheeseburgers is a classic of the species. Once again, I gotta say, if that’s an act it is marvy. Jason and Ralph, if you guys really are his little kick-toys, then you boys really need to go shoppin’ for some nice, round, balls to hang on your midway go-pee.

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    You are not alone. The login page is totally screwed. I use Firefox and have to repeatedly log back into the site. The password data is not saved in my browser. This is the only website I have a problem with. I hope they fix it soon, because I’m fixin’ to lose my mud.

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    Phil, Thursday hour #2 was real funny! Nice going. Thanks for giving us something to laugh about this week.

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    Is anyone else having to long in every day for this site?? With the old site, I had to log in once a year or so, now it’s every day or even more. Wondering if I need to re-set something on my computer…

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