Dr. Ron Tarner, who is proud to have been on the right side of every issue for the last 15 years, believes the new Arizona immigration law will only be a big green light for Mexicans to flood into the state to challenge the law. And, because the racists who created the law know this, it encourages Mexicans to engage in their natural sneakiness. As a liberal, Dr. Tarner has many Mexican freinds and many liberal white friends and they know what he’s talking about and they are not offended. Mexicans are naturally sneaky and back-stabbing and this law plays to that. Margeret Grey was actually in Phoenix over the weekend with Al Sharptons group protesting the immigration law. Margaret is frightened for the sanity of the people of Arizona, a state where lawlessness is a tourist attraction. Plus, she doesn’t know how any government can exist and get work done in a town where it’s 150 in the shade.

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    I fully appreciate what Phil does now that I see the backstage stuff. This is awesome.

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    There’s even a special treat at the end of the videocast, after you get past the 15 silent minutes of Phil laying the smackdown on Rantz!

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    We should have that rolling bu end of May…at the latest…

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    When will the merchandise page be up?

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