Jeff Dowdder joined Phil tonight to talk about his gaming addiction. Jeff, in commenting on an actual lawsuit against a game manufacturer by a user, tells Phil he is 28 years old, lives with his sister and her husband in one of their spare bedrooms and only has enough money for a down payment on a car, not the  monthly, because he’s been playing World of Warcraft and other RPG’s since 1997. He doesn’t want to stop playing. He just wants Obama’s health care to cover him being DGed, De-Gamed.

Then, its Don Micksa, professor of engineering at the University of Washington to talk about cyber-bullying. Don’s son is a cyber bully, a 13 year old boy who sent a video of his penis to a girl in his class. Don says because he and his wife are progressive they choose to see their sons behavior has evolved, mirroring the tough communication needed eventually in the business world. Don says you gotta give a kid points for not just opening up an over coat but using a high-tech device like an IPhone. As far as the girls parents go, Don says he gave them a ride on his boat, taking them over to Pikes Fish Market and letting them look at the fish-mongers. Big deal.

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    The call from James at 30:00 in the first hour is CLASSIC. Jeff Dowder called in to talk to Jeff Dowder! That caller is exactly Jeff. Listen to their voices, their vocal mannerisms. Classic.

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    Really good pre-show rant.

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