Tonight Steven Bosell of Corona, California realizes he’s made a big mistake. He stopped voting Republican to vote for Obama but now sees all the love conservatives are getting with the Glenn Beck rally and wants to be Republican again. He had a “mixer” at his house Saturday night to entertain some heavies in the Corona conservative movement. He featured a deli platter from “Sam’s Club” (with ghouda cheese) but couldn’t get a commitment from the conservative leadership that night which would allow him to do his stand up act before different election rallies. “I couldn’t do any of my racial material in front of liberals,” says Steve.

Margeret Grey joined us in hour two. She was at the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally and she says she didn’t see much honor. “I was knuckled in front of the stage and I smelled marijuana smoke,” Margaret told Phil. When he asked what “knuckled” was Margaret explained that she was walking to the front of the stage when she got fondled a certain way. She also said she thinks Beck “greenlit the use of weed on stage by certain underlings” and that he “was leering” at her.

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    Maryland has no casinos. In fact, West Virginia has become a popular place to go for Marylanders because it DOES have casinos. Maryland is so freaking anal that people were freaking out when the state tried to implement KENO as part of the state lottery! Anyhoo, I imagine Gettysburg wants some of that action, esp as the building they're using is already in existence. Can't blame em.

    I'm a Marylander (MURLINDUR – love the Jay Santos accent, btw – SO SPOT ON) who lives in Washington state and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the casinos out here 🙂 (also, on another topic – the reservations can make their own rules so although Washington is smoke-free for public areas the reservations are exempt from that rule – so people CAN go out and smoke at a lot of the casinos)

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    Bring back R.C. Collins!!!

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