Friday, December 27, 2002

Show log by Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Part 9 of “Highway Safety & You” with Bob Green of Frazier Foods. He gets in the fast lane and slows down… speed kills, ya know? He enjoys it.

Hour 2:
Dean Wheeler has a neighborhood watch group that’s trying to do what President Bush wants with the War on Terror so they are watching people at the grocery store. He and his kids go through his neighbors’ garbage and pick through it.

Hour 3:
Steve Bosell a construction contractor joins the show to tell us that he came home and told his wife’s friend she has a “nice camel toe.” He’s suing the woman for canceling the contact for an addition he was going to put on her house and because she has no sense of humor.

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  • Anthony

    I’ve narrowed it down. My tops so far are Bob Green speed kills, Bobbie Doolie Flu Shot & Margaret running over a homeless girl, addicted to love Dance, Greek taztziki sauce. Almost all Chris Norton. Sessy!! Lmfao
    But I can’t find The old Jew canoe, bless the hot dogs later. ??

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