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Friday, February 16, 2001

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Jeff Dowder, Associate Producer for the show, was on in the first hour to explain his behavior. The previous day he didn't show up, didn't call, and didn't return our calls to come to work. He took the day off to honor Dennis DeYoung's (of Styx fame) birthday.

Raj Fahneen started off the second hour to talk about the attack over Baghdad. He says that it's the final straw. If there isn't an apology and a withdrawal within 48 hours the Iraqi troops will attack and dominate the US troops.

Phil wrapped up the second hour with a rant. Bush gave the OK for the strike so that he could get out of Clinton's shadow.

The final hour started with Austin Amarka. He was afraid that Bush will have trouble in Mexico. Vincente Fox might try to use Bush as a drug mule. Slip some coke into his jacket pockets.

Phil closed the show with another rant. Craig saw a TV show that claimed the moon landing was a conspiracy. Also, Phil talked about the Survivor 3 applications.


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