The show started off with a remote broadcast from Jim Seal’s auto farm. It was a President’s Day special.

Art Griego wrapped up the first hour with a discussion about airline travel. He said it’s back to being for the wealthy only. If poorer people want to travel they could work as stewardesses, etc.

The second hour started with a rant about Dale Earnheardt and sports.

Dave Oliva, President of the Nicole Kidman fan club, wrapped up the second hour. “Now that you are divorcing I want to express my love for her.”

Bobbie Dooley was on during the third hour. She painted over the family crest on the wall of her neighbor’s bonus room.

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  • Quentin

    The Bobbie bit is literally the bit when I found the show. I sat on hold, ready to cuss her ass out.

  • Quentin

    Top 5!

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