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Thursday, February 15, 2001

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Steve Bosell kicked off the show with his post V-Day bit, "Relationships on the line." His wife bought him silk "Heart" boxers for V-Day. He worries that wearing them to work will be sexual harassment, because he pee's in public of job sites.

The second hour was started off by Larry Grover, who is suing Bill Clinton for hogging the spotlight from President Bush. His suit? Being more interesting.

Vernon Dozier closed the second hour to discuss the recent Navy submarine incident. He argues that they are not at fault for sinking a fishing boat because a civilian was at the helm. He doesn't have to listen to the officers, because he's not in the military.

Phil started the third hour with a rant about LP's and promotional events. He then told everyone to get off Clinton's back and let him fade away. There was also brief discussion about cloning, the Ravens, and submarines.

Bob Greene wrapped up the show with his sports agent expertise. He argued that Aikman needs to keep playing even after his numerous concussions. People need to realize that he is responsible for the livelihood of his agents. If he doesn't play, then agents don't get commission.


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