Hour One:

Phil started out the show with a quick list of stuff coming up including the move to WWNC in Asheville, N.C. and Extra Sports AM570 in L.A. Then Phil, very innocently, welcomed “John Zeigler” to the 7pm spot in LA starting Monday. A listener flashback was next featuring the class bit where Bud Dickman literally goes through the phone line to kick some guys b-u-t-t on the other end. The Prince of Darkness Show features Satan breaking the news that the entire Partridge Family is in hell. David G. Hall comes on and is pissed Phil made fun of John and tells Phil, as usual, “they’re dusting off the hot seat for me.” Herb Sewell, a certifiable psycho who is now trying his hand at the travel business, tells Phil and his listeners he is planning a trip to they NBA All-Star game for women only and though he can’t guarantee they’ll have sex with a player “the possibility certainly exists.. Margaret Grey pays a visit to see what Phil thinks about her singing the words “…… know what you look like to me with your good bag and your bad shoes? You look like a rube……” instead of speak them. Phil then read some e-mail.

Hour Two:

Phil’s special guest is Don Parsley, an unemployed electrician, who claims he lost his son recently to an accidental shooting involving one of his son’s friends and a gun owned by Don the boys were playing with. Then he changes his story to his son dying in an automobile accident. The he says his son was shot just before he got into the accident. Then he says his son with shot with a bow and arrow, his wife has breast cancer that may involve “boob removal” and his daughters are sick too. The usual calls follow featuring people calling Don on his horse crap.

Hour Three:

Bud and RC are at a movie theatre where they interview people already lining up for the new Star Wars flick. Problem is Phil can’t understand a word the anyone is saying because most of the theatre-goers are dressed as Chewbacca and they’re talking through big hairy masks. Phil lauds Coach Jags down in Atlanta for his promotion to Offensive Line Coach with the Falcons and then Phil talks about how his wife is going to kick his b-u-t-t when she finds out he burned a hole in the rug at the beach. RC comes on to explain what happened when they yanked the plug on Phil prematurely Friday night at KFI because he was being, apparently, too funny. Phil goes through news about a nudist restaurant in New York and then has Paul “Tubby” Lane, former NASCAR driver on to talk about a move afoot in NASCAR that would allow the drivers to race after having a couple of drinks.

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