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Thursday, February 17, 2005

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Hour One:

Bob Green, CEO of Fraser Foods is on to talk about his unhappiness with the delivery times he is getting out of drivers who work for him. His grocery stores guarantee delivery of groceries, deli items and party platters in 30 minutes or less but his drivers are too "gutless" to drive fast in the rain ands do other things necessary to get the job done, such as drive on sidewalks, the wrong way down one way streets and through peoples yards. Isaac there was a driver. Even though he ran a family of three off of the Ortega Highway, killing all three at the bottom of a ravine, he got a deli platter delivered on time.

Hour Two:

Chris Norton, a pharmaceutical rep, is organizing a free speech at work movement. He was honest with a co-worker when she brought her baby to work to show everyone. He said the kids face looked "pinched in." This co-worker decided to have her desk moved to another part of the building. Chris thinks its restricting his right to free speech that she would punish him for saying what he said about her kid by moving her desk. After all, he's attracted to her and wants to buy her "drinks."

Hour Three:

Phil Reads a very funny e-mail marking the differences between him and Comb-Over Boy. One of them : 'Boy tries to get his listeners "laid." Phil doesn't care whether his listeners get laid or not. Then the Cowboy Jim Show features Cowboy Jim telling the kids his wife is expecting a baby. The kids give him a cigar but it explodes and knocks Jim cold. When he comes too, his his haze, he tries to light it again....and it explodes again. This fades into Tom Ginden, some white dude trying to fill in for a black Jamaican disc jockey on some Rastafarian station in Jamaica. He gets chewed out by the owner of the station, both on air and off, who is an African-American that doesn't want the Jamaicans to know he can't stand them and only wants to make a little money. Phil then explains why leaving KFI is a good idea and talks about all-inclusive resorts. He then mentions his wife and kids are in Hawaii and then brings on Bill Arnsparger from the San Diego Zoo, a zoologist who can't remember what an elephant is called among other things, and Bill has a Mina Bird that sounds just like Phil.


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