Hour One,

The show kicked off with special guest Raj Feneen representing the organization “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” a group that feels it hypocritical of baseball fans to criticize Barry Bonds for steroids when they are sucking on corn dogs.

Hour Two:

The James Rome Show features a Jim Rome talking likea proper Englishman and saying things like “bang the monkey” as if he were Ian McKellan. Raj comes back on to sing his usual song making fun of Americans that eat too much fast food. The Love Songs With Bob features a bit of a twist. Bob says he’ll play their dedication but then winds up playing some Ozzie instead. He also invites chicks to come down to the station and then slaps them around while he’s on the air. Herb Sewell then comes on and talks about running in the LA marathon to not only raise money for charity but also for his wife’s breast job. We then pla a listener flashback and head into the Paul Cotton Male Advice Show, an effiminate guy who gives advice to dudes who have castrated themselves or been their wive’s nurder targets.

Hour Three

“I Totally Dare You” with Art Nevin has a contestant attempt, on his friends dare, to drive a motorcycle through a grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve. The Phil reads the news about Paris Hilton’s PDA getting hacked and wonders whats next, maybe full color shots of Paris sitting on the toilet. Pastor William Rennick comes on to talk about Chris Rock pissing God off with his Academy Award comments. The David Hall comes on to tell Phil to quit talking about Goth bands and we end the night with Jeff Dowder apologizing for teaching guys how to streak athletic events including making their ‘nads look bigger on the Jumbotron.

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