Hour 1:

Mr Vernon Dozier who wrote a book called “The Best is Yet To Come” comes on to talk about turning the tables on your wife. Let say she is making you feel guilty for cheating on her. You insist that a paternity test be administered to both of you. How do you know those kids are yours. maybe their father was, as Vernon put it, a “Chinaman.” Vernon closed the segment by dancing to Chinese folk music.

Hour 2:

Tony runs some adult websites with child-oriented names…but says blame the parents and the churches if kids get a glimpse of his smut.

Hour 3:

Bob Green, chairman of Frazier Foods comes on to cry about how Costco and its workers helping the train crash victims got the company tons of free publicity.

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    He was a natural with chopsticks! Omg I’ve never laughed so hard! 😂😂😂😂

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