Hour One:

The show opened with the actual 9-11 call from the Kodak Theater that alerted paramedics to the fact that Sean Penn had a pole parked up his b-u-t-t-o-c-k-s. David G. Hall then asked Phil why he would tell the LA audience his schedule should the game be pre-empted for the Lakers when his LA audience couldn’t hear him…because the Lakers are playing. Then we played a listener flashback request for the Bob Green bit where he wouldn’t sell corn on the cob to people with “jacked up” teeth because it was sickening to look at the corn wedged in their teeth. Phil read some e-mail and then came Bud’s Radical NASCAR Accidents from Sunday’s Auto Club 500 in Fontana, Ca where, Bud claims, a leg was on the track, some guy got pinned and burned up and then Godzilla came out of the infield and the crowd fled the grandstands. Pastor William Rennick came on and talked about how he thinks Chris Rock was set up to fail as host of the Academy Awards by “those same people that wouldn’t nominate the Passion of the Jesus….and you know who I’m talking about, Phil.”

Hour Two:

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police came on to talk about how tough it is to enforce the drug laws pertaining to methamphetamine since the only people that use it “are white people…and there’s a little hitch” of sadness in his step, says Jay, when he has to approach a white motorist. Jay then grabs a handful of hair and pulls the motorists head back to shine a flashlight up their nose to see if there’s any “sprinkling of meth around the nostril portions.”

Hour Three:

Raj has a theory that natural born Americans couldn’t pass their own countries citizenship test…but they are very knowledgeable when it comes to fast food.

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    What was the episode – I think it was Larry Grover w his son Steven doing Meth as part of a religous ceremony? Probably circa 2004

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