Hour 1:

Alf calls in from Miami, he runs a deli that is serving the “Hendrie Dog” in honor of Phil. Lloyd calls in with an opposing view. Police officer Ben Rathman says the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile had an attempted hijacking. RC Collins checks in with a question about TV coroners. David Hall and Bud want Phil to “Push out a TV log” every night. Phil talks about standards and practices. The PHS presents… “Breasts Tonight” with your host Jim Dooley. Phil is not eating pork anymore.

Hour 2:

Bobbie Dooley found a Burmese cat that belongs to her neighbor but she refuses to return it to its owner.

Hour 3:

Phil plugs the 2005 “Best of” CD. Phil rants about “Teachers” and talks about kid actors and their parents. Phil talks about “no smoking” laws and War of the Worlds. Dean is looking for the Hollywood Sign, Margaret Gray calls in to help. Phil thinks we are the most advanced species in the universe.

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