Hour 1:

David Hall and Dr.Jim Sadler are upset with Phil because they weren’t invited to the premiere of “Teachers.” Phil talks about the sluggish sales of this years “Best of” CD.

Hour 2:

Phil talks about his commute to work, Mayor Villaraigosa, and LA traffic. Phil talks about what a drag it is when your folks get old. Caller John was at the first taping of “Teachers.” R.C. Collins thinks people that wear ear pieces for cell phones look like they’re in the military. Phil reads some e-mail and talks about Chris Penn.

Hour 3:

Rudy Canosa plays the new Ashley Simpson single called “La-La” to prove its sexy and in the process refers to the Argentinean “cow” who insulted his honor. The PHS show presents “Earl Pants Car Talk.” Jeff Dowder talks about the surf on the west coast, and Hal & Viola check in on their way to Laughlin.

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    Hour 3 is a fucking classic bit – the start of Earl Pants Car Talk. Genius!

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