Hour 1:

Don Parsley, author of “Dancing with the Devil” joins the program. In his book, Don details how he lost 250 pounds in 30 days, he guarantees his method will work for anyone that reads it. How did he do it? You have to buy the book to find out.

Hour 2:

The PHS presents the Chef Carl Chodillia Show. Caller Charlie tells Phil how disappointed he is on the show. Trucker Roy calls in from a reststop, he’s looking for young boys. The PHS presents “The Jim Sadler Moment.” Jeff Dowder calls in to talk about the TV show Fear Factor.

Hour 3:

Margaret Grey talks about her son, movie star Jason Jay Delmonico. She’s proud because when you adopt a kid like Jason, its like picking a perfectly good bologna sandwich out of a garbage pail.

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    Holy fuck, I forgot about the “Jim Sadler Moment” – classic shit, pure genius misser hendrie

  • provopauly

    “Do you think his balloon knot is burning?”, Ive been listening since the mid 90’s and that Dickman Line still makes me release a drop or two in my shorts everytime. Gracias missy Hendrie.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Love this Parsley guy

  • Avatar
    Aaron Stalley

    I would hate to get into an argument with Phil Hendrie. He’d have me pulling out my hair.

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