Hour 1: Bobbie and Steve Dooley come on the program. Bobbie wants to debate Sarah Palin. She thinks that Sarah Palin ran away from the governor’s job in Alaska, and says she’s not that bright. Bobbie says that Sarah’s stand on pro life s wrong. She has new terms for Pro life and pro choice. It’s now drop it and return to cycling.

Hour 2: Don Berman of channel 19 news comes on to talk about the terror trials. President Obama says that the terror trials won’t be in New York. Don says that Mayor Bloomberg and the people of New York are cowards, or as he puts it yella. Bloomberg is blowing the noses and wiping the rear ends of his opponents. He has a big wide yellow stripe down his back. Then Herb Sewell comes on to talk about porn animation. He doesn’t think it’s such a big deal because the cartoons are not real. The head is bigger than the torso.

Hour 3: This hour Phil talks about some news stories including James O’Keefe, Chris Matthews, Judd Greg, the Pope hitting himself with a knotted rope, And David Shuester. Bud and Robert have a great line. Goebbels baby food.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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