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Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Hour One:

Retired Army General Gaylan Shaw is interviewed by Phil concerning the reports of abuse at Guantanamo. General Shaw asserts that Guantanamo detainees are faking being abused the same way some "old ladies walk a cross walk really, really slow in order to make people sitting in their cars feel sorry for them."

Hour Two:

David G. Hall tells Phil to get the web cast time for Calcutta, India right because he doesn't want "a lot of dot heads calling me up and screaming at me..."...Phil tries to figure out what Air Americas hire/fire policy is....An Air America program director, Darren Browne of C93 in Pierre, S.D. is, once again, severely beaten by Bud who goes through the phone line to get to him....Jeff Dowder comes on to talk about ride safety following the tragedy at Disney World. He thinks its about time people "get certified to ride Dumbo or any elephant-like rides..."...Ted Bell tells Phil he saw a CHP cop flick a cigarette butt out a window.....Phil reads some e-mail..

Hour Three:

Phil speculates that Jethro Tull went from being a good blues band to a poncy, English folk-band when Ian Anderson found standing on one leg and playing a flute to be "stimulating..".....Phil tells everyone that driving in California traffic this summer will basically turn you into a cannibal....Phil remembers his mom and dad's Brazilian samba records...Mavis Leonard calls to say Michael Jackson should work his way back into show biz by doing a minstrel act...Larry Grover calls to say the Bush administration made the girl in Aruba disappear. He tells Phil with more discussions like that, Air America stations are bound to keep him.....Phil mentions the pictures on the website from Tucson which prompts Bud to ask why no one in the crowd is laughing. Caller Dean Wheeler wonders if nerve gas was being used.....Golfer Jim Fry, supposedly born without any arms, shows Phil how to hold a golf club with his teeth. David G. goes ballistic when Jim tells Phil to "put the shaft in his mouth...."


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