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Friday, June 24, 2005

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Hour One

Ted Bell of Ted's of Beverly Hills feels that anyone ordering their steak "medium to medium well" is gutless and more worried about mad cow disease than our men and women in harms way in Iraq. Get a pair, says Ted, and eat your steak rare.

Hour Two

David G. Hall opens the hour telling Phil that the Quizno's baby was abducted and found in a barrel....and then says he's only kidding.....Phil reads a list of new bits added to the archives....Phil reads some e-mail including one with new, funniest lines from the show....Phil wonders when the Long Beach Blues Festival is which leads to Bud saying he likes the blues even though he doesn't like "Negroes.".....Rudy Canosa calls in to say he is shamed to realize that saying La-la-la with your tongue hanging out to American women means something "filthy.".....Phil wonders how tough an assignment Aruba must be for Greta and Alan Colmes.......

Hour Three:

Chris Norton, a young pharmaceutical rep from Hermosa Beach, tells Phil that he and his friends are all "hot-looking, young professionals" who want to keep their beach for "hot-looking people only." It's tough, he says, "having a Mes-sican scramble and seeing some beast come down the bike path. You can't keep your eggs down."


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