Hour One:

The show starts with the news flash that Tom Cruise has finally come out of the closet….The Adventures of Mister Magoo find the near sighted Mister Magoo cutting into what he thinks is a steak but in fact is a live power cable…Phil talks about Don Julio Real in a tequila segment…Phil talks about the Fox news people kicking in Aruba with their raccoon eyes and their umbrella drinks…Crime Night with Bob Hooligan has Bob interviewing an LAPD detective who thinks Tom Cruise is so off the deep end he’ll gut Katie Holmes and hang her upside down in a barn….

Hour Two:

Bobbi and Steve Dooley of the Western Estates Patent Teacher Organization talk about locking their kids in the trunk of their Cadillac sedan for “time-outs..”

Hour Three:

Margaret Grey is on to talk about a screenplay she’s written involving Abe Lincoln and his involvement with a slave. Its called Mandingo 4…….Phil belly aches about them digging up his street and birds that are knocking themselves unconscious flying into his house….Phil talks about Bobby Browns reality show….An Alaska Fish and Game guy comes on to talk about a couple attacked and killed by a grizzly bear…Phil does a whole rant on Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington…..

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