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Monday, June 28, 2010

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Show Log For 6/28 Videocast:

Oct 21 1999 "Flock of Geese" Pilot Art Griego is killing flocks of geese with guns and cricket bats to teach the geese a lesson about taking up his air space.

Nov. 1 1999  "Stankafacation" Jay Santos comments on the female rugby team that was suspended after posing for a nude team photo. Jay says a photo of "beastly" girls could be a concern to public safety.

Oct 14 1999 "Foot-long Marital Aides" Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police went into the house of one of one of his sub-commanders to perform a safety check and found a box of exotic sex toys. Jay says that it was his duty to alert this couple that these items not part of the CAP marital guide.

Oct 5, 1999 "Littering with Children" Bobbie Dooley of Western Estates collected money for a family in her neighborhood so that the husband can get a vasectomy. Bobbie says the family already has plenty of kids and they don't need anymore.    


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