Classic Hour

Phil and the crew remember Garry Shandling with Bobbie Dooley. Naturally it turns into a pissing match between Bobbie and Margaret. Phil fan Karen Deauville talks about her time as a flight attendant for Gunther Airlines and her side job of driving hundreds of pounds of marijuana between Florida and New York. And Dean Wheeler discusses his previous missionary work.

Then for the BSP Classic hour Bobbie Dooley tries to get Garry Shandling to do ten minutes at the Summer-Tacular from July 16, 2002.

Episode 606 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Shaun

    That bit was over the top good Phil. RIP Garry Shandling! His calling in was hilarious! Also, Steve in the background is always a good time! LOL

  • Robert Pellicano
    Robert Pellicano

    One advantage of being an older fan is that we get all of the music references, like “Do you remember when we were in Africa?” or “Whispering bells. I love it.

  • Bernie G
    Bernie G


  • Avatar

    Quote of the day : “You guys crack me up when you’re farting on each other”

  • henry

    Hey Phil why don’t you have air conditioning when your running all the studio hardware.

    • Phil

      Air conditioning is against the law in Malibu because the local
      politicians think it encourages random acts of terrorism. They cite
      a recent article published in The Glandular Quarterly, authored by
      grocer Bob Greene, which suggests that people who live near an ocean
      who sweat a lot are very peaceful and docile; those who have air
      conditioning who don’t sweat near an ocean become irritated easily
      and often resort to both extreme violence and/or cannibalism.

      • Shaun

        OMG!!!! LMAO Phil!!!! Bob Green on air conditions…. Ha Haaaa!!!!

  • Rick

    Phil, here is my favorite Ginger Beer/Ale , it is made in South Caroline since 1903. I use these in my Dark “N” Stormy. The Hot & Not as Hot are great for mixing.

    Rick in Atlanta.

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