Classic Hour

The Saturday BSP-Only show!

Lots of new BSPs checking in as well as regular folk… Phil takes character requests among other points of discussion.

Then for today’s BSP Classic Hour we’ve got a great one from March 28, 2005 featuring Herb Sewell reporting on the Michael Jackson trial, “Weekend Sports Update with Laurel and Hardy,” a surprise visit from Adolph Hitler, and more!

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    I may have been the BSP who cried about the shortened in-front-of-the-pay-wall. I was just bellyaching because I liked the Soundcloud App streaming player so much.

    I already have PHS going to my iTunes on a different computer, and when I’m not with that computer, I’m listening on a tablet.

  • Wes

    Always great to hear from Der Führer, thanks Phil!

  • Avatar
    Susan Chapman-Jones

    I forgot just how creepy Herb Sewell is, especially his unique laugh. And what happened to Little Ian? He and and Bud would really get mean with each other. Great stuff!!

    • Ted

      I was thinking the same thing today about that odd laugh/snicker/hiccup. It’s very weird and menacing. One of my fave Phil voices, for sure.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    Sky baby wut?

  • Andrew

    I’ve been really enjoying the classic hours you’ve been selecting thus far. Sometimes it’s hard to find things in the archives that I haven’t heard before and so far you’ve been selecting great stuff I’ve never listened to. The Shandling call yesterday was hilarious. Perfectly played by him.

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters

    Great chat! I’m not sure if ill make the chat next week but I’d love to hear more David G Hall. The old bits when he call in and screw with you were great; your wife was dead, he was rapped in a garage and Little Ally was busted on a film set in Chatsworth. Oh yeah and late night runs for donuts for his girlfriend. Love what you do Phil!

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