Classic Hour

New virtual reality porn is being marketed by Chris Norton and one of his prospective customers is Coach Dozier. You won’t believe what Clara Bingham and Pastor Rennick discover about a Racine, Wisconsin teenager. And RC Collins wants to be a late night talk show host.

After the show stay tuned for the BSP Classic hour, featuring a clip from Hour 1 of April 10, 2001. Bobbie Dooley recently had her nails done and asked her maid to wipe her ass after crapping because she didn’t want to ruin them. The maid refused, so Bobbie fired her. Now the maid is suing.

Episode 605 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Paul Vandervliet

    I am wondering how Bobbie feels about Hillary’s pants suits? I know how much she loves her lime green pant suit.

  • Michael

    Not a Bakersfield Chimp in bunch, Darn it!

  • Michael

    may bad, Lancelot Link ~ Secret Chimp. He does not play fair.

  • Michael

    Hey Phil, I have something that you could use for a “Phil talks over a film”.
    I hear a lot Walter Matthau.. in one of the Chimps. They are sentiment beings so I have to call them out. I am sorry, watching, these are a freaking riot! Mine the vein!!!

  • Bungholio

    Yowza! I got mentioned on the show! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks, Phil!

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    Don MacDonald

    Hi Phil, I’m really enjoying the classic shows you’ve been running. I was listening to one the other day, I think it was a Margaret Grey/David G Hall episode and toward the end you started talking about “comb-over boy” while imitating his voice. Who is/was comb-over boy? I thought the voice impression was hilarious. Thanks Phil.

  • Robert Pellicano
    Robert Pellicano

    Great show. Thank you! This is “best of 2016” material. You had me rollin’ just like yesterday and the day before…… and keep going all the way back to show one. Applause.

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