Hour One:

Mavis Leonard, an elderly African American listener, calls Phil to say that Martha Stewart should still be in prison because if it were Oprah Winfrey, she’s be “in the hole for thirty days and then cast down with the Sodomites.” We then had a listener flashback request for the famous “Kiss The Gunner’s Daughter” line with R.C Collins and Harvey Weirman.

Hour Two:

The hour kicked off with American Idol auditions featuring Lloyd Bonifide singing “Eye of the Tiger,” Margaret Grey singing “Hello,” R.C. singing “Tell Her About it” and Ted Bell singing “Manic Monday.” The judges are Phil, Bud and David G. Hall. During the competition, as usual, Margaret and Lloyd almost get into a fist fight. Phil then talks about the horrifying story of a guy getting his face chewed off by a chimp and then welcomes on Steve Riesling of the San Diego Zoo who can’t remember what a baboon or orangutan are called and spaces on what you call a giraffe.

Hour Three

Art Bell Coast to Coast starts the hour. General Johnson Jameson has been manipulating the brain of a monkey to see if it can communicate with humans. After General Jameson’s final series of tests the monkey emerges from the gurney with a crisp, Oxford, England accent and twice the brains of Jameson and proceeds to kick the Generals’ be-hind at scrabble. Phil then gives Bud more crap about his Babe of the Week, Paula Zahn and then he talks about the Italian journalist wounded in Iraq. Brass calls to say enough with the scores, he wants to hear more about Kobe’s private life and then Phil closes out with a talk about how the NBA is probably the most criminal enterprise in America today.

  • Roland Schwinn
    Roland Schwinn

    Classic. I love when Mavis is on and Robert is in the background watching TV. I’d love to have “Interesting Tidbits” come back at some point.

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