Phil and the gang talked about Mark Cuban’s comments concerning his bigotry toward “black kids in hoodies.” The show started of with Iggy Azalea’s “Work” and Margaret wanted to know if Ms. Azalea was white. When told she was, Margaret got confused.

The crew mentioned that even Phil would look scary at night wearing a hoodie. “Phil you’d look like a large lumbering thing in the night,” Margaret said.

By the way we will have a show Memorial Day!

Episode 127 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Mick Jackson

    I have to agree with Roger. Phil’s interaction with the callers were his funniest bits.

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    Andrew Voyer

    SNL has had the sme format for 30+ years and while some bits get stale just wait around awhile because the good bits will be there. I love and will always love Phil. Best money I spend all year.

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    jason bell

    Roger Bishop is one of those joyless, empty, freaky little trolls who like to follow Phil around, pay for his content only to be able to have enough access to him so they can inform him of how much they disapprove of his existence beyond 2006. It’s real weird stuff.

    If someone handed Roger a bag full of money, he’d bitch about the bag. Hopefully he’ll find a nice quiet place to fuck off.

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    jason bell

    The current format of the show has been basically the same for the last 5 years. It’s not like anything has crept up on you. And it’s better now than it ever has been in my opinion. I love the panel.

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    Steven Burgess

    Little tired of the “crew” and their somewhat adolescent obsessions with poop, sex, and all the usual suspects of middle-class America’s body-image amgst.
    But for me, the bigger cop-out on Hendrie’s side centers on his apparent inability to clock-in with more than an average of an hour and a quarter’s worth of material per episode.
    Dude, that’s just sheer laziness. And you ain’t “enough” of a friggin’ talent to think you can really get away with it, no matter what dues you think you’ve paid.
    …And if you don’t read any of these comments, or give a shit about them — you need to start soon.

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    Chuck Jones

    I couldn’t disagree more with the previous comment. Phil has never been funnier. I recently listened to a bunch of classic podcasts. While still very funny, the real callers were for the most part stupid and boring.

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    Roger Bishop

    Here again we have Phil ranting against common sense decency lieu of self serving patronizing towards hoodlums. The only bigot I hear on this show 100% of the time is Phil.
    Phil has/had a great talent. However, ever since his failed efforts at TV circa 2005, and having to come back to radio, and after sadly failing there, going to internet, he has not been the same. He is not nearly as entertaining and funny as he used to be or could be.
    This “panel” format is bullshit. It is predictable and boring.

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