The morning starts with Phil bagging on Arbitron, the traditional rating service for radio, because of what he calls their faulty methodology and fraud-like control it has had over the industry. Phil mentioned Sean Hannity’s criticism of audience measurement without being able to talk about Arbitron because the money he’s made has backed up into brain “like that one guy had semen backed up into his brain in Resevoir Dogs,” said Bud.

Margaret Grey reveals that if she neck and finger wiggles too much her neck and voice box get paralyzed…

Jack Armstrong, liberal blogger, joined the program to discuss countering the right wing climate deniers but hung up with a couple of minutes because Phil laughed at something he said…

Speaking of that, Don Berman talked about “his friend Pat Sajak” and Sajak’s tweet about “global warming alarmists.” Don respects Pat but thinks “he may have dived into an empty swimming pool at some point in his life.”

Episode 126 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    I agree about that music, so negative.Too much hatein’

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Great Show Phil, Soylent green Made of People, LOL for real!! Less GD too! yay

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Great to hear RC again. Thank you Phil for the awesome audio theater.
    I do, however agree with the negative comments about the music. How about playing some Blues, or some Dead, Doors, Floyd, Zeppelin??? (For the most part, music has simply gone downhill since the 70s.)

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    jason bell

    Roger’s biggest problem isn’t rap music. His biggest problem is his homo erotic obsession with a male comic who is over 60. Creepy, weird stuff. I hope he can clear this psychological hurdle before he causes harm to himself. It’d probably be easier to just be openly gay and release himself from his own masquerade and latent tendencies, but these types of humorless dregs will never take the direct path when it comes to themselves and their twisted, complex pathology. It’ll be sad when they find him hanging in his parent’s bathroom from a Ted of Beverly Hills hoodie.

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    Adam Ray

    the music does just suck

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    It is most likely that I would be one of the last listeners to listen to your show if you lost all your money and had to cancle it. However,I feel I must respond to the gilligan that said you are a “bitter old man”.Anyone with two brain cells to rub together (a slur directed to me by my eigth grade nun) should know that you have to present 6 or 7 opposing and intersecting points within an extremely small time span.Over and out.Copy that good buddy.

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    Roger Bishop

    Poor Phil…, he is becoming a bitter old man. Bagging on everything that is not to his liking. Now Arbitron.
    By the way Phil, your selection of rap music does suck. It is just terrible. It’s like a steamy dog turd you just found yourself stepping into. There is nothing racist about it, it just stinks and is not pleasant; you bigoted old fool.

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