Doug Dannger, Orange County Courier entertainment reporter and self-described “gay man and gay journalist” told Phil he’s surfing Surf Beach, near Lompoc, California, as soon as it’s reopened. The beach was closed Friday due to a shark attack that killed a young man from Riverside. Doug said that if you get into the water and show “human authority and humaness” the shark will think tiwce about attacking not wanting to look bad. However Doug has also made sure he’ll have spotter craft and look-outs on scene in case a “retarded shark” decides to make a run for him.

We spent an hour with Raj Feneen as well this evening, an Egyptian-born businessman living in the States with his wife and son. Juan Williams saying he felt “skittish” when he saw people in Muslim garb felt like a betrayal to Raj since Mr. Williams is an African-American and “should know better.” But Raj also said he too felt skittish but only because seeing Muslims in religious or traditional garb means you’re seeing ones “just off the boat” and more likely to be fanatics.

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    The Raj Feneen bit tonight was one of the best I've heard in quite some time. Rather basic premise, but Phil's presentation was flawless. The "Deliverance" reference was hilarious. Really great call from the Muslim gentleman (who apparently was on active duty in Iraq with the U.S. Armed Forces), telling us an extraordinary account of the U.S. Navy Seal in Iraq who happened to be a Muslim. Will have to learn a bit more on this story.

    Best show, radio or tv.

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    is Doug Dannger gay? Is he a journalist?

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    Same here, I kept replaying the first few minutes of the show over and over again at work today. I was enjoying chortling to myself as to not disturb my fellow employees.
    "Ow! My fuckin foot!"

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    oh crap, your Ohio Players thingie was fucking hilarious 🙂

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