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Thursday, October 21, 2010

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West Virginia State Senators Curt Queedy and Guy Barton joined Phil to discuss a so-called Christian Flag flying over a North Carolina War Memorial. The city says it violates seperation of church and state. And the state senators agree. But a great many of Curt's constituents are veterans and they want that flag to stay. Says Curt: "I need to get re-elected so even though seeing that flag makes me want to puke the lining to my stomach up, I'll tell the veterans I'm with them til after the election." Says Guy, "A good-looking woman and a prize winning hen won't ever walk down the same street" or some such colloquial garbage.

Later, it's Gregory Baugh, an ex-fire battalion chief trying to get his job back. Mr. Baugh was attending a Super Bowl party in February, 2002 when a call came in that an old brewery was burning. In minutes another call came in that the roof of the building had collapsed. And then finally a call that said two of his firemen were missing in the blaze. All the while Baugh told Phil and the audience that he was desperately trying to leave but because of "low blood sugar, I needed just a piece of ham and some potato salad." Then, when finally out the door he stopped for gas "because an Audi doesn't do well on a half a tank. It leaves carbon." At the gas station "the kid who takes the money was watching U2 during the half-time show and I sort of got mesmerized too because of the blood sugar." Baugh was fired.


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