Hour 1:

John Germaine is on to discuss Florida’s decision to outlaw Necrophilia. He believes Florida will take a hit on tourism. Phil plays a listener flashback from the Best of C.D. 2001 called Colleen- 2 fingers to thinner thighs.

Hour 2:

Bob Greene is on to discuss donating money so the visually impaired can have a haunted house. Listeners and callers believe Bob is exploiting the blind.

Hour 3:

Father James McQuarters is on because he supports the the gay man’s billboard across from his church. Listeners are outraged as it goes against the bible’s teachings. Some callers believe he is looking for money and that is why he is in support of it.

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    steven lasken

    Bob Green episode is one of the best!!
    Bob is in my top five favorite characters Phil-

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