Hour 1:

Syndicated columnist Margaret Gray wants Phil’s listeners to vote for Al Gore in order to keep Alec Baldwin and Robert Altman from leaving the country. Phil talks about seeing Jehtro Tull perform.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell joins the program, he fears the transit strike in Los Angeles will put a lot of illegal drivers on the road and a lot of hitchhiking pedestrians on the street. Phil talks about Catholics.

Hour 3:

Steve Bosell is upset after coming across a woman’s magazine quiz his wife filled out, now he wants to sue! Phil talks about celebrities who threaten to leave the country and shares a list of items he uses in his home.

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    guy woller

    Finally found Steve crying about being a pig. Great stuff.

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    Susan Murphy

    Hour 3 laughing so hard, I am crying!!! Pure comedy gold!

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