Hour 1:

Ted Bells calls in to ask Phil if he can handle telling the audience about his flat tire…on his Jag. Pastor William Rennick says he believes in werewolves and sings James Brown. R.C. Collins wants to wish Ashlee Simpson Happy Birthday. R.C. decides a baba booey and a fart will work. Bud comes on to do his report on Bud’s Most Radical Accidents. He reports on the Talladega Raceway. Phil tells his audience that the fires are out finally. Phil discusses how renters management companies push lower income people around…as they may not have the means to fight their charges. Bill Barlow comes on and discusses Collection Agency Busters.

Hour 2:

Lloyd Bonafide is on because once again he has got himself in trouble. He let his grandkids play with unloaded guns. A neighbor walked by and the kids pointed them at her and she fainted. Callers are furious that Lloyd would do such a thing, they believe the kids were way too young.

Hour 3:

David G. Hall talks about Little Ally on Ryan Seacrest’s show. Phil discusses the fire at his daughter Katherine’s school. Phil talks about how he would walk to school in level 6 smog. Dr Jim Sadler is on to discusses his sleeping habits. He claims to nap for 36 hours and stay awake for 5 days. Phil discusses the Scandinavian Airlines and how they offer laptop use. Phil discusses his trip to Fiji with Maria, he thinks it is too beautiful to be a third world country.

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