In our opening hour, Clint Rolley of the San Gabriel Valley Patriots couldn’t quite figure out how to attack the news that GM was paying its loan back. He feels Obama is still a socialist but it’ll be real tough making that case when the government doesn’t own GM anymore. In the second hour General Gaylen Shaw made a bizarre case for legalized maijuana in the armed services. General Shaw said that in Vietnam when soldiers smoked weed they donned war paint and wore necklaces made of ears and scalps taken from enemy soldiers. It was all part of the “warrior ritual” which soldiers that smoke herb can get into. Plus, our soldiers deserve “the best”, in the words of the General. In our last hour, Phil wondered whether anyone other than him has brought up the climate change possibility with all the debris being put into the atmosphere by the Iceland volcano.

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    The Phoenix rant was way off. I understand that Phil is pissed about not having any luck in Phoenix, and I don’t know what kind of dealing Phil has has with folks in the town, but "red-neck" is the last word I’d use to describe it. It is 1/3 hispanic and nearly everyone else is an import from various parts of the US (and world) over the last 30 years (it’s a very young town). I live outside the city because I really dislike it for other reasons entirely but, I thought Phil really had it backwards. The general sentiment of Phoenix is somewhat anti-redneck. Tuscon is widely considered the white-trash meca of AZ.

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    when are going to open the store for phil hendrie gear? i want a jay santos "cap" hat. best regards, steve

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    When you were playing the "PROPHET QUARTET," at the beginning of the pre-show, you had me ROLLING on the floor…..toooooo F’ing funny bro….

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    Hey Phil, at 114:39 your left eye is totally "wonked" out. What gives? Do you got a glass eye or something?


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