Tonight, Herb Sewell, as part of him trying to class up his image, advocated against the Arizona immigration law and in favor of health care, telling everyone he was a liberal and cared about people. In fact, he annoucned he’s running for Congress and that he’s getting his child-molester past out in the open. After all, what was worse, the fact Herb was a child molester or the fact Teddy Kennedy “strangled a woman and then drove his care into a creek?” Later Steve Bosell told Phil that he and two other fathers will be chaperoning his daughters middle school dance this weekend. If a girl wears a dress that Steve says “makes me want to dance with her and get her punch” then it’s inappropriate and Steve and the other fathers, under the suprrvision of the girls gym teacher “Miss Elizabeth”, have to administer corporal punishment. This is done as “Miss Elizabeth” wears a leather mask and watches while referring to the fathers as her “eunuchs.” Phil also explained to Bud and Robert what newspapers were.

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    Steve Bosell was hilarious! I kept having to run to the bathroom because I almost wet myself multiple times.

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    Damn, Phil! "Whispering Bells" was kickass at Fairfax High way back when it was empty on Jewish Holidays. My weirdo set listened exclusively to KGFJ and came out all right. Phil Spector being the……but who am I to judge the yutz? A REAL judge/jury eventually did.

    Cheers an’ ‘at.

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    great bits ,shows been great lately…

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    Is there a way to get just the audio version of your videocast? The things you talk about in between your airtime are interesting as well. Thanks.

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    Does Herb Sewell patronize Chuck E Cheese strictly for the pizza?

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    Funny show Phil, keep up the good work!

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