Hour 1:

Phil welcomes Larry Grover to talk about the fact that President Nixon allegedly slugged his wife and took mood changing drugs… Larry says “Where’s the Beef?” Phil talks about Weight Watchers and taking care of his kids pets.

Hour 2:

Steve Bosell says that Bert Ramsey accidently killed Jon Benet with a Louisville Slugger… he believes the Ramseys have legal right to sue the bat company for not putting a warning sign on their product. Phil talks about Roseanne Bar posing for Gear maga

Hour 3:

“Dune Buggies & Paratroopers” Korean War veteran Lloyd Bonifide wants to launch a surprise attack on Russia because their armed forces are down and they’re ripe for attack.

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  • Avatar

    I hit a deer at 75 an hour throwing my head back laughing at a Lloyd comment! October 2002 I believe

  • Raymond

    This is great, Phil. Thanks so much for what you do.

  • Tensai

    I miss Lloyd. I’d even be glad to hear him come back as Mouth Siren Cop!

  • Avatar
    Kory Keenan

    Are you for real?

  • Cary

    Hour 2 features one of Steve Bosell’s BEST crying fits of all time. Of course the clueless caller wonders if the antics are real, and eats it right up when Phil answers “yes”…

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Those sure were the days. Too bad, at least according to the station’s we were on, nobody was listening.

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