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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

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Pastor Renneck opened the show to discuss a new study that claims black people use seatbelts less. The government wants to fund education programs in black churches. The pastor is against it because seat belts remind blacks of slavery.

The second hour kicked off with Don the Suicide Case. He claims that Dale Earnheardt's death was as big as the death of JFK, MLK, & John Lennon.

RC called in to ask why everyone was hailing Earnheardt when we all know that Richard Petty was the greatest of all time.

Margaret joined the show in the third hour to discuss the recent news about Jane Fonda. Jane's confession to being anorexic/bulemic is a betrayal to the secret women have. It's the power loss combo weight loss secret.

Phil closed the show with a rant about "when is a good time to die?"


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