Hour 1: Lloyd Bonefide is on to talk about the James O’Keefe arrest. He and 3 other men tampered with Mary Laundry’s phone system. Lloyd is devastated that James got arrested. He was so upset that he took a bag of gold fish from is grandson and poured them down the garbage disposal. He said it wasn’t his fault he did it, it’s James O’Keefe’s fault. At the end of the hour, misc. news.

Hour 2: Vernon Dozier comes on the show to talk about how young people should respect their parents and teachers. He said he had a promising filmmaking career but became a teacher instead. He asked his students if there was a God, they said there was. Vernon disagrees saying he would be a filmmaking today if there was a God and James Cameron wouldn’t be so successful. Vernon says James Cameron is a egomaniac. He says the students are trying to put him in a mental hospital.

Hour 3: Phil talks about same sex marriage, the rains in California how nobody can drive when it rains, Bob Keller saying he’s a proud racist, Haiti, and the State of the Union address.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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