Hour 1:

The Phil Hendrie Show presents: American Idol Auditions. Phil files a complaint from a disgruntled listener. Phil explains to Margaret Grey why he cut her off before she sings “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”. What if Jesus Christ came back as a cab driver?

Hour 2:

Phil reads some e-mail. Phil plays a flashback possibly featuring the real Betty White, Hal & Viola, Clara Bingham, and Bob Greene weigh in. Phil talks about allergy season and welcomes Dolly Parton to the program. The PHS presents: Gary Snails Computer Show.

Hour 3:

Larry Grover is on with Phil to discuss his recent arrest. See what happens when he tells the listeners he tried to have an escort accompany him to a function. Mavis Leonard joins Phil to discuss Tookie Williams. She used to baby-sit him as a child.

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    I could listen to a loop of Mavis pronouncing the name “Tookie Williams” for hours.

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