Steve Bosell fears that published images of the oil slick in the Guulf will create a fear of some blob-type organism ready to make land. Steve was also scared into running to his bedroom and burying his head in a pillow when his daughter showed him a tar ball she found at the beach. David G. Hall and young Chris Norton visited Phil with David G. telling Phil Chris’ story is inspiring and could attract a more Christian listener to Phil’s show. Chris tells Phil he got his girlfriend pregnant but because his parents are religious…and will bank roll his adult film production house….he doesn’t want her to get an abortion. Instead, he wants Phils listenjers to pray to God that his girlfriend miscarries. Phil tells David and Chris the whole thing sounds like a stunt to get business at the adult film production house because david probably has a piece of it…

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  • blouseclowns

    If you’re going to use "Audition," learn how. Give a shit about your product. The guy you work for does dude. I just don’t understand how someone who landed a gig in radio could be so clueless about audio. Unless of course the guy who hired you is as clueless as you. Quick fixes in Audition will not solve your problems. Take it from someone who knows that program inside and out, and perhaps yes, better than you. Phil not only deserves all of the money I pay him, and more, but he deserves someone who cares about the product. I don’t know you Jason, but I wish I had your job. Kinda funny how you need to start taking comedy more seriously. Just do what Phil says and don’t dance around the questions you can’t answer. Say -I don’t know- and learn from a man who has been doing something long enough to be the best at it. Unless you care about having that job as much as you care about the quality of the show. Holy shit man, it’s like watching someone flush the opportunity of a lifetime on a nightly basis. Count your blessings man, you are a privileged individual.

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    Did the stream cut out early? The videocast ends right in the middle of Chris Norton talking to a caller…

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    @Steevlak ruining the videocast??? More like it’s making the video cast AWESOME!

    I too would pay an extra fee to hear Phil rip into Jason all the time instead of some of the time.

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    The thing is, I feel for phil. I know how hard it is to work with complete morons, I have to do it every day. I realize phil is surrounded by uselessness and totally understand his short fuse. Watch some older phil videocasts from years ago, he never got as upset because the people he was working with looked competent.

    I’d still pay more $ to see the full rip jobs. I would also like a cam on Jasons face please thanks.


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    @David in Hong Kong – I know a lot of people probably like it, but I’m a big wuss. I love the pre-show, but Phil’s mood changes so much when he crew connects.

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    I don’t think it matters whether or not Jason is deserving of the way Phil treats him, it’s just too painful to listen to. If Phil can’t work with him, he should find someone else, because it’s killing the videocast for me.

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    Agree w Design Serious. If I thought Jason was unjustly berated, I wouldn’t say this, but please keep the audio on when you tear him a new one, please?

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    Thanks for doing the Chris Norton/DGH bit…I thought it turned out awesome!

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    Great to have phil back. I put this shit on all day while I work. Fuck the radio stations. Internets #1. The show is awesome and you are a genius but I wish I could hear phil screaming at the crew the whole time. I would pay extra for that for sure.

    Keep up the great work!!


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