Hour 1:

“Jesus Christ Costume” Margaret Gray says that from historical perspective, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to dress her son Jason J. Delmonico as Jesus Christ for Halloween.

Hour 2:

“Feel the Fry Basket” Dave Oliva joins the program on the census report recently released that states only 32% of the Los Angeles population will be anglo in the year 2000. He says it’s payback time and the white people should get used to handling fast food. Featured Line: “…I’ll go over to their house and they’ll be havin’ a hamburger on a barbecue and I’ll say ‘Hey man, check it out. You might as well get used to this thing.’ I’ll give them the spatula, I’ll let them have the feel of the spatula. How’s it feel – the weight of it in their hand, you know, what’s it like to get the fries into the oil. I made a little paper hat just for fun.”

Hour 3:

Phil predicts who won the Braves vs. Yankees game and talks about Matthew Mcconaughey getting arrested for playing bongo drums naked in his house. Jeff Dowder chimes in. Relationship expert Rudy Canoza joins the program to talk about how well the James Bond women have aged.

Show log by Mike Angileri.

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    Can you tell me who sings the son being played towards end of interview with Rudy about the aging Bond girls ?

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