Hour 1:

Doug Danger is on with Phil to discuss the Super Model Kate Moss’ run in with cocaine and the coverage of it by the press. He believes it is an overblown story. Callers believe Doug has no idea what he is talking about and believe Kate Moss is an addict and like most addicts, Kate needs help!

Hour 2:

Dave Oliva is on with Phil to discuss Rosh Hashanah. He believe it is anti-Semitic to work. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Callers are outraged and believe Dave knows nothing about the Jewish faith or its practices. Phil plays a flashback called “The apology from Ted Bell for Bush being elected” from 11/05/04.

Hour 3:

Frank Gray is on because he talked to Bobby Dinero about Jim J. Bullock. Frank has gender confusion, and gets confused when talking about gay men. When discussing gay men, he speaks of original person. Gus Nicestrom the blind man joins Phil. He has a program called “Step Up.” The show encourages blind people to live without assistance….he tries to keep them from crashing into things…but he himself crashes into everything as he speaks to Phil.

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    The comments about apartment companies ripping off people by threating to go after your credit. I had to deal with that nightmare in Texas. You have to have a lawyer just to leave with your credit intact. For the deposit. Lol

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