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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Tonight on the Phil Hendrie Show a local musician, Jeff Dowder, tells Phil his Twitter account, Jeff Dowdder, will get him a TV deal the same way "Shit My Dad Says" and "Shhh..Don't Tell Steve" got their creators TV deals. Jeff plays the drums in a beach band and gives drumming lessons to kids, often asking them to perform difficult technical patterns that they have a hard time with and then tweeting that the kids are drumming like they just "stepped into a puddle of water with a high-tension line laying in it."

The following hour Pastor William Rennick questioned whether such things as peanut allergies really exist or whether they are the by-product of Americas fascination with holistic and new age healing. Pastor Rennick thinks much of it is in the mind of the sufferer. When told of one woman being allergic to sesame oil he said "Now you gonna tell me people are allergic to Chinese food?"


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