Pastor Rennick and Mavis Leonard join a roundtable discussion on interracial marriages and racism today. from KFI 1998.

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    “space aged negro” is now one of my favorite phrases. Good luck working that one into some dinner conversation, boys!

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    one of my favorites just ridiculous. I wish there was a cartoon of these two sitting on the couch, like wtf, 40 of OE and just talking nonsense. I’m not saying that the chick wasn’t entirely wrong there were points to be made but whoa formulate your responses so you don’t sound like a “space aged negro”. Of course perfect as usual as only you could pull it off Hendrie.

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    Andrew Reinicke

    Phil, this was ridiculously fantastic. Will you please point me towards the full version? Better yet, the show in its entirety from that evening?
    Susan Maxwell

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