Lloyd Bonafide is sure the film footage Phil shows in the background on his videocasts is Korean War footage and becomes nervous and upset when he sees it. When his wife walks in and tells Lloyd that it’s actually D-Day footage, Lloyd becomes embarrassed and angry. He tells Phil that “when that happens I need honor, to feel vindicated, avenged.” Since he’s not going to smack his wife, daughter or “the man my daughter married” Lloyd decides he has to talk it out on his five year old grandson, who is sitting there wearing a tiger costume they just purchased for him.

He picks the boy up by an arm and a leg, walks outside with him and doing an Olympic hammar spin flings the kid 10 feet into his above ground pool. “I had to clear 8 foot of ground too” says Lloyd. Also features a visit from Dr. Jim Sadler and David G. Hall.

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    Is it just me, or are the downloads different than the live show. In the middle of the show, it went to "best of" bits. I just want to listen to Phil without all the technical BS

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      Eh, maybe occasionally you’ll encounter that, but I’ve been a listener since his early days at KFI. NOBODY in radio does what Phil does, so just kick back and enjoy..!

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    Why was there no indication that this was a "best of?"

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    Censored yet again on the videocast. There was a good 30 minute rant that's lost due to mute. My year is up in December, I'll see if Phil has changed by then!

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    This is some scary shit.

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