Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hour 1: Phil talks about how watching Olympic diving makes him anxious, because he worries athletes will bust their heads open on the diving platforms. He also discusses ways the WNBA could draw bigger crowds. Then, renowned dancer Chaz Workman visits the studio to discuss ballroom dancing becoming an Olympic sport. He talks about his practice schedule, shows off a few moves and answers Bud’s questions about his club foot and one gigantic shoe.

Hour 2: Bobbie Dooley is banning pro-Bush signs in her HOA because they are a hate crime against Kerry supporters and pro-Bush kids should be the one going to Iraq.

Hour 3: Lloyd Bonafide threw his grandson and his friend in the trunk because they had Kerry stickers and Lloyd wanted to show them what the Chinese did in the Korean War.

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    Also in HOUR 2:
    JEFF DOWDER – “Olympic Thoughts” from Athens Greece – Jeff gets busted selling dope.

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    Also in HOUR 3:
    ART BELL – General Jameson uses shrinking ray to go up Russell Crowe’s ass.

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    Also on HOUR 1:
    WINE TASTING WITH MARY & GENE TEMPLETON – Wine connoisseurs with overbites
    HAL & VIOLA: They want their grand daughter to have a smack habit like Nicole Richie

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    Mark Dobos

    Bosell for president or get sewed–best election slogan ever. then Dowder gets busted and no review–what an operation…

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    Mark Dobos

    5 minutes of Ted Bell Lightning towards the end (Hendrie hates the guy–can’t stand ’em–laugh)

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