Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hour 1: Jay Santos is on patrol to shut down fundraising carwashes because the scantily clad teens look like they’re soliciting.

Hour 2: Dr. Jack Briscoe hosts the plastic-surgery talk show, “Sew Me Up So Tight I’m Talking Through a Hole in My Face.” Michael Jackson’s visage is held up as a shining example of the much sought-after “pre cave-in” aesthetic. Then, a flashback with coach Vernon Dozier, who is upset that the Olympic sport of beach volleyball is making people who can’t tan feel bad.

Hour 3: Phil and Blake Dunst are outside in front of the studio for a demonstration of Mr. Dunst’s revolutionary new weighing system. They ask passersby to sit down in a leather chair and Dunst claims he can correctly guess their weight by listening to the squeaks and groans of the leather under their asses. (Spoiler alert: he can’t.)

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    HOUR 3: JEFF DOWDER “Olympic Thoughts” from Athens Greece Olympics

  • pyrobaculum

    I didn;t realize Margret was doing her “vocal stylings”so early – when did she start with the “and a one two three doot da dootylee doooooo”

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    David Ritter

    Jay at his finest!

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    david fultz

    The best thing going on radio love it

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