Hour 1:

Jeff Dowder calls in from Venice Beach to talk about an upcoming benefit. The PHS presents: Carnival in Rio. Phil talks about the NFL Alumni Association, South America, and the Amazon river. The Phil Hendrie After School Special presents: Jack & the Beanstalk. Frank Grey reads a story.

Hour 2:

RC Collins of Bradley Military Academy wants to be in the 101st Airborne division, however he would like the option of not jumping out of a plane into combat if it looks too hairy.

Hour 3:

The PHS presents: Love Songs with Bob. Pastor William Rennick and his wife Clara phone in to request a song. Phil plays some flashbacks by request. Phil talks with lingerie shop owner Rudy Canosa about an incident concerning a Muslim woman that came into his store. Dr.Jim Sadler from PETA talks about the KFC Boycott. Professor Ginther joins the program “Chicken Jokes with Sexual Innuendo”. Darren Browne of C93 calls in to say hello.

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    Love RC wanting to just stay back at the barracks and “maybe make some soup or something” for the airborne guys.

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