Hour 1:

Jay Santos joins the program to talk about the “Citizens Auxiliary Police Basketball Follies,” an entertainment/comedy basketball team he has devised that performs at high schools around Southern California. Jay discusses the fact that after their performances they’ll often meet up with the kids (most of which happen to be girls) and take them out for some fast food in their convertibles.

Hour 2:

Grocer Bob Greene discusses a new policy at Frazier Foods: They are asking customers that write checks to have them completely filled out before they get to the check stand.

Hour 3:

Chiropractor Kyle Holster joins the program to help fix Phil’s bad neck. Phil talks about “Teachers”, his upcoming Super bowl event appearance, gay people, Trey Parkers wedding reception, and Coach Jags. Jeff Dowder calls in, he wants residuals for his work in “Team America.” Phil talks about KFI under heat for Islamic remarks.

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